Easter, the time for celebration…

….or perhaps it should be re-named Let’s Get Fucked In The Arse By Commercialism Day?

When did we get so obsessed by ‘stuff’? Yes, I know all the arguements; If you’ve got the money why not, getting stuff doesn’t make kids spoilt, it makes me happy to get my kids stuff.

And I agree, that stuff doesn’t ‘spoil’ children on it’s own, getting lots of Easter eggs doesn’t suddenly turn you into Verucca Salt. And yes, it is indeed your money to with as you wish, and I get that some people don’t spend much through the year, preferring to go a bit mad at Christmas and birthdays. But when did EASTER become a time to buy presents and over indulge children? When I was a kid (yes, I know, I sound like my Nan) you were massively lucky if you got a big egg with a MUG as opposed to a little buttons one. No one got clothes, and ‘easter gifts’ and a pile of eggs.

My memories of Easter involve Sunday school services, making collages of chicks and rabbits out of scrumpled up tissue paper and the glorious year I won the school Easter Bonnet Parade. (Cheers Moth, you did good!) Not a single memory revolves around eggs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my children got eggs. Plural.  Their dad bought them one each. their grandad and nanny bought them one each. My brother bought them one each. Their other nanny sent them some money. And they and I are all grateful. But you know what put the biggest smile on Satan’s face this weekend?

An egg hunt. She got a card with a clue on from The Easter Bunny (This is the same child who finds the idea of Father Christmas very suspect, but a giant fucking rabbit who hops about laying on egg hunts for all the kids in the world? totally believable….) and then she spent a happy half an hour working out the clues and hunting for them in the house and garden and her prize was a bag of mini eggs that cost 59p. And then i showed her a picture of the Easter Bunny (that i totally nicked off google images) and she squealed with joy. ‘This is the best day ever!!!’.

Tip: Leaving a Hoover in shot fools people into thinking you were JUST about the clean your room…

The point I’m making here is we live in a world were ‘stuff’ seems to be the goal. Who can have the most eggs, the biggest pile of Christmas presents, the newest phone etc etc etc, but that’s not what kids remember. I couldn’t tell you what I got for Christmas as a child for the most part, but I vividly remember the times I spent with my family and playing games and ‘Do you remember when….’ reminiscences with friends and family are the best.

Now, I’m no Pinterest Mom who sits about making crafts every two minutes, far from it! Satan had to make an Easter Bonnet for school last week and watching her lovingly sticking feathers on to a hat nearly tipped me over the edge becase she was doing it wrong making the most godawful mess and I’m still finding feathers in the most ridiculous places. So, I’m not saying you need to be doing what a couple of friends of mine have dubbed ‘wholesome shit’ all the time, I’m certainly not about to turn into one of those bloggers who is gonna suggest 10 Ways To Bond With Your Children or any fucking nonsense like that. but c’mon people! There has to be somewhere in between inducing Diabetes with Chocolate Mountain and Knitting Rabbit shaped egg-cosies out of Kale, doesn’t there???? We seem to have lost any ability to moderate our behaviour, in favour of the pursuit of having the best instagram-able life. Where every moment is seen as an opportunity to photograph it and show off  it to the world. But that isn’t reality. Reality is when you’ve got kids so fucking hyped on the mountain of sugar they’ve consumed they are bouncing off the walls, pulling your curtains down and screaming like they’ve been possessed. Reality is then having to scrape together £2 to buy some milk because you’ve spent your shopping budget on ‘stuff’. Reality is the many children who will go back to school after having had no eggs/toys/gifts and wondering why everyone else has a shit ton and they’ve nothing.

We live in a world where half of us sit around bitching about our eyebrows and how that’s the end of the world, and the other half are literally living in fear of the end of the world. In my mind, we owe it to our children to make them aware of the world we live in, and part of that is not spending fucktons of money on shit they don’t need. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD, does it?

So, I guess what I’m saying is, attach some awareness to that massive bag of eggs if you have to do it. When you’re buying your kid 400 outfits for Easter, be aware of the children in a sweatshop somewhere who made them. When you’re taking your photos to post on facebook, be aware there are other kids out there who’ll get no eggs this Easter and let your children know how unbelievably lucky they are.


2 thoughts on “Easter, the time for celebration…

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Teach your kids to enjoy the simple things in life, don’t teach them to only be excited by great big piles of ‘stuff’. It won’t bring them any happiness in the long run. One big advantage to coming off facebook was I didn’t have to look at ridiculous pictures of Easter presents and stoopid amounts of eggs. Downside is I have to actively seek out your blog!! Iola x


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