Is a blogger still a blogger if she doesn’t blog?

I’ve not written for a while. You might have noticed. Or you might have a life and only have realised you’ve not heard from me in a while when I tell you its been a while. Either is fine with me, I write for 3 reasons:

It helps me process my thoughts: when something is going on my life, or my brain, it often helps to spew it out in writing and then I can make sense of how I feel, or what I need to do next or whatever.

To harrass the fuck out of my friends promote my little smear testing crusade to get all the ladies to get their Vajayjay’s looked after: #gashtag


I feel like I’ve got something I want to say: This is a fairly obvious statement, but I feel like sometimes I read blogs and watch youtube videos and the like and it sometimes people are just banging on for the sake of saying any old shit, and so people won’t get bored and stop following. Repetitive content in blogs is my pet hate. Like, if you don’t have anything new, interesting or funny to say, is there really a point? It then becomes contrived about numbers and followers and statistics; and what was once a fun thing to read just becomes boring. And I never want to bore people. I bore myself enough, I don’t wish to ever inflict that on anyone else.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a bit its because I’m too busy watching netflix and eating muffins in my PJ’s, and really have nothing of any interest to share. When Anthony Kiedis finally realises he is meant to be with me, then I’ll come and let you know. OK?



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