Please, talk to me.

I know what you’re thinking. “haha, here she goes, sarky bastards gonna say ‘nah, just kidding fuck off’ really”.

But nope, not this time.

This week has been another reminder of how deadly mental illness is, after another death of another person who was loved and cherished and wonderful in their own way. And I’m sad. So fucking sad. I won’t pretend it was someone who I was super close to, my sadness is NOTHING on the grief and pain of the spouse, children, parents, close friends of the person, but I’m still just….sad.


So, this time, I mean it, no smart arse comment, no bullshit. If you need someone to talk to, talk to me. If you feel sad, or alone, or afraid, or hopeless and you know me (however vaguely), talk to me.Any time, day or night, it’s not like I sleep anyway, so hit me up on facebook, or twitter or knock my friggin’ door if necessary. And if my version of slightly awkward, sarcastic friendship isn’t doing it for you, then someone else. Anyone.

‘Always be kind’. RIP lovely girl.




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