Look who’s back…

I’m shit at this.keeping up the blog thing I mean. I’m shit. This is for a few reasons, I’m disorganised as fuck by nature, I get caught up in other stuff and when The Black Shit descends on my head as it has done in recent months, my default reaction is to retreat even further into myself than I normally do (yeah, it IS possible to be even more antisocial than I am anyway, I promise).

However, there is another reason, and basically that would be because I didn’t have anything new or that I thought was interesting to say. I read other blogs and whilst some put out ‘content’ (I call it Writing Shit, myself, but we live in an age where you no longer give people presents, you ‘gift’ them something, where everything is a fucking ‘hack’ and #foodgoals is a thing, so content it is) regularly, it’s often rehashed, boring and repetitive, and I’d rather be MIA for awhile than boring (or prehaps I’m sporadic AND boring……).

So, it’s a new year and time for new shit. In my case, I have a new worry about The Boy’s health, A new desire for Donald Trump to drop off the earth and a new attitude to dating.

Up until now, i’ve been VERY wary of the whole dating thing. I’ve talked before about the awkwardness and worrying I do about telling a guy I’ve literally just met that I can’t have his babies, whilst at the same time not wanting to give anyone the wrong idea and wasting his and my time on something that’s ultimately doomed. But i’ve decided….fuck it….you don’t try, you don’t get, right? So, watch this space….cos things are happening…..


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