What’s so bloody special about ‘outside’ anyway?!

People, we need to talk.

Some facts about me.

  • I’m not very sociable. I’ve talked about this before a bit, but much as I love my friends and my family, I also really love to be alone. I don’t get lonely, I don’t get bored, I could spend an entire week without speaking to another human being and be entirely fine with that.
  • I don’t really like going outside. Not unless I have a specific reason to be outside anyway. Someone to see, somewhere to go- fine. But going out because somehow ‘outside’ is this magical place we should all be when the sun is shining? Nah. Fuck that.

So, add these two things together, and the summer holidays are a source of frustration for me in lots of ways. The constant pressure to ‘do’ things, to go places, to socialise and ‘make the most of the nice weather’ drives me mental. So, lets get it straight, once and for all, in simple, clear English.



There. It’s said. I like it inside. I like my pale, indoor skin and I like my stale air because apparently unless you are OUTSIDE then the air you breathe is somehow not as good (hint- there are these things called windows and doors, they have this amazing function known as opening. try it. The air flows right on in, crazy huh??).I have lots of things to do (I don’t know about your house, but mine has a shit ton of stuff in it, lots of this stuff can be used for entertainment purposes), I don’t get bored (I have 3 kids and a degree to study for, bored isn’t a thing in my world), I don’t go ‘stircrazy’ and more importantly, neither do my kids. and thats what I really want to talk about here, because all jokes aside, it gets really quite annoying to be told there is something wrong with your preferences if you are not the type of person who feels the need to be outside a lot. Somehow, if you aren’t outdoorsy this equates with lazy, and unhealthy and lots of other negative things and when you are constantly being told to go out and do something as a child, even if you are perfectly happy inside with a book as I was, you start to think there is something wrong with YOU, and thats not cool. There isn’t anything wrong with liking your own company, with enjoying solitary activities, with prefering to stay inside rather than go out and climb a tree or whatever. I spent many many years fighting my nature and forcing myself into situations because I thought I wasn’t normal and that if i just tried harder I could be like everyone else. ONce I stopped fighting that, I was a much happier, much more confident person and I actually enjoyed the interactions I do make, and the times I do go out and do stuff far more, because they were on my terms.

My kids are all very different, Satan loves to be outside and go and play in the park and with her friends etc,  Diva is a bit less so, but still goes out a fair bit and hunts pokemon or hangs with her friends, but The Boy is very much like me, and just isn’t interested in going out much. He likes his own company and is never happier than when I tell him he doesn’t need to get dressed today. And I think they are all equally valid ways to be, and each should be allowed to be themselves and what makes them happy. Sometimes Boy has to come out with me, sometimes the girls have to stay inside, but for the most part I think its very important to let them be them. I don’t ever want them to feel as I did growing up.

So, today The Boy is in his nest, and the girls have been out playing and me and my skin are happily hiding from the sun. Just the way we like it.


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