Here’s where I lower the tone….

I’ve talked about my run in with cervical cancer before, but I haven’t really talked about my little campaign amongst my friends and family and anyone else who will listen to get their smear tests done regularly. I truly believe that without smear testing I’d probably be dead right now. So, now I’m spreading my harrassment campaign to the Blogosphere.

I’ve never been one for subtlety. My marketing strategy for this ‘campaign’ of mine has basically involved me saying ‘Get your fucking smear test, for fucks sake’ often and loudly, with occasional threats of hunting you down and dragging you to the doctors by your hair if you don’t. Its basic, but effective. I feel then, the phrase my friend Anna inadvertently created works really well.


good, innit??!

so, go forth my lovelies, and spread the #gashtag. It might save a life. And it might lose you some friends. But nothing worth doing has ever been easy, has it?


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