Mami, are you a lesbian and just dont want to tell us?

Yeah. This is what Satan just came and asked me.

This is the latest in a seemingly never-ending list of Random Stuff My Kids Say. I document the best (possibly worst, depending on your point of view and how easily mortified you are) of these on my facebook page quite often. Facebook can be a pretty depressing medium at times so a bit of light-hearted kid-speak to bring a laugh to your day can only be a good thing I think. People often tell me I should write a book with all the nonsense they come out with, and whilst I’m way to disorganised and busy (read: lazy) to do that any time soon, perhaps I will collect them here and then see if I can do anything with them. They give me enough grief these kids, so if they can make me the next JK Rowling, then I think its well earned!!

Satan: are people from Greenland green?

Me: No…

Satan: Oh, i’ll go somewhere else then….



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