Winging it…Just about!


I’m not sure about this blogging thing.

I mean, I read loads of them, and the ones I enjoy- the good ones- have a message. They tell someone’s story that’s interesting, or they have a product worth reading about. But the vast majority I read are just kind of….there, a bit  ‘meh’ and boring. I’ve no desire to add more ‘meh’ and boring to the world but I’m not entirely sure I have a message either. What I do have is a house full of kids, a full time degree course, no husband and the fear that I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew and its all going to fall down around me in a fucking heap any day. And I imagine I’m far from the only parent winging their way through life this way (at least, I bloody hope I’m not!) , so I like    the idea of a place where I can write my thoughts and experiences. Where I can document the weird and wonderful shite that comes out of my children’s mouths, where I can talk about the life I lead. And hell,  even if no one else ever reads it, I can read it when i’m old and decrepit and my kids have abandoned me in a nursing home.

So, about me- I’m a 35 year old single mother of 3. The Drama Queen is 12, The Boy is 11 and Satan Herself is 8. They are simultaneously the most annoying and most wonderful things in my life. DQ is at that age where one minute she is kind, helpful and amazing and the next she is screaming at me and is belligerent and utterly infuriating. The boy, my sweet gorgeous boy,  keeps me sane in a house of crazy femaleness. Satan…well, she didn’t get that nickname lightly, she came into this world angry and fighting to be independent and has been that way ever since. Her feisty nature will see her well in life, but when it takes 3 hours to get out the door ‘cos my can do it MYSELF’ is her answer to everything at 3 years old…it gets wearing.

I’m currently studying a Bsc in  Speech and Language Therapy, I’m half way through my first year and its the best and yet hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am also a bookworm, a music lover, a boxset addict, a feminist, a socialist, a pain in the arse, a daughter,a sister, and cancer survivor (I hate that term, but more on that subject at a later date).


I will talk about all manner of shit here. I warn you now that I swear a lot. A LOT. So if sweary ranty welsh birds and their kids aren’t your bag, fuck off elsewhere. (joke, but if that kind of thing offends you, really, you should just leave)….lets see where this goes!


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